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VIPRAM is an online portal launched by Vipra Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ViCCI), the economic wing of Vipra Foundation, also, It will be managed by ViCCI (Bikaner). One of the leading non-profit making social organizations in India which has been involved in a number of philanthropic activities over the past twelve years. Lakhs of people across the globe are associated with us. In the last few years the organization has grown from strength to strength and reached out to all the corners of the country and has very successfully spread its arms in the foreign lands as well.

Our activities are aimed at improving the educational, social, cultural and economic standards of the society at large. Amongst our major initiatives, Vipra Foundation provides interest free education assistance upto Rs 200,000/- to students to pursue higher education. Our other important schemes include Shagun (financial help for the marriage of girls), AthwaWachan (protection of girl child), Sanskaroday (enhancing our culture & heritage). Vipra Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a giant step by Vipra Foundation to bring equality in the economic front. ViCCI has been successful in creating a global platform for Vipra Businessmen & Entrepreneurs. A college by the name of Vipra Lake City College of Professional Studies at Udaipur and a Center for Excellence at Jaipur are the two most promising projects of the organization.

Every individual is a gifted soul, only that most of us are unaware of our own potentials. Today in the twenty first century It's no longer a scarlet letter to unabashedly brand yourself as a feminist—and thank the cosmic forces for that. Still, the road to genuine gender equality is a long and rough one in the remote areas. A woman with a voice is by definition a ”Strong Woman” but the search to find that voice can be a remarkably difficult task. Moreover, It is not about making women stronger, women are already strong, it's about changing the way the world perceives that strength. There is no force equal to someone about to rise. But one surely needs a platform under one’s feet to stand and then rise. VIPRAM is one such platform where every individual who excels in any kind of vocational activity can showcase their skills. It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune to earn one. Simply by displaying ones skills on VIPRAM one can earn a livelihood and stand erect to face the forthcoming challenges in his or her life. Turning ones passion to cook or sew or paint into ones profession is the only call of the hour. We intend to build a society where every single soul coming from the not so privileged background gets a chance to display their handicrafts, food items or any other form of artistry or necessity thereby making their interest or hobby a source of income. VIPRAM is a customer friendly portal where the customers will be provided the best from the rest at a very lucrative rate. Moreover, since all vendors here are familiar and known to us a fair assurance is quite natural on the quality of the products. VIPRAM will not compromise but only synergize.



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